The testimonials written here reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write to us about Tomlin Law.

Tomlin Law was stellar from start to finish. They gave me hope when I thought all was lost. As a father of two young, African-American boys, my fear of an unfair judgment in the courtroom, for a custody battle was foremost in my mind. I could not see myself losing my boys. Ms. Tomlin’s care and professional demeanor made a hard situation like divorce and custody seem absolutely surmountable.

After a 2½ years of a highly emotional and highly contested divorce, Tomlin Law gave me a chance to exhale and breathe in new air. There were times my ex-wife pushed my buttons so far I was ready to implode, but Ms. Tomlin and her staff helped me keep it all together.

At a time when I needed legal counsel and would have rather heard good news or tough news from a good friend, or family member, Tomlin law did their utmost and came through, no matter the occasion. Working with Ms. Tomlin was like having your blood relative defending you in court –with the fullest trust.

Valuable time was never wasted, by pursuing dead-end opinions. I can walk into any courtroom in the state of Maryland and know without fear, I will have a team lead by Valeria Tomlin, Esq., bring me out victoriously and done with integrity.

Ms. Tomlin, from my boys, my family and I, we thank you, thank you and thank you again.


— Marcel J Desroches, Jr.

Attorney Valeria Tomlin provided me with exceptional, professional service in her representation during my divorce. Ms. Tomlin is truly an advocate for what is true and right according to the law and incorporated God’s wisdom for fighting the good fight of faith. What I realized upon my first dialogue with Ms. Tomlin was that I actually had options. Since then, I have referred her services to others in seemingly bleak situations… and they too realized that options existed for their circumstances. Attorney Tomlin will come battle tested, God-approved for the challenge. I am eternally greatful for all that Ms. Tomlin accomplished for my case.

— S. Engram (Fort Washington, MD)

It’s easy looking through the yellow pages or searching the internet for legal help, but when real problems arise, there is no substitution for “peace of mind”. In retrospect, watching MS. Tomlin analyze my case, I believe there is no such thing as an easy case or one that isn’t personal, complex and won’t have a lasting impact on family. My situation was no different, but through MS. Tomlin’s proactive approach and sincerity to see that real justice was done, I emerged not only satisfied, but as if in the universal spirit of right and wrong, she had vindicated me “in the eyes of humanity”. If I sound lofty or I’m expressing my own joy or my case’s outcome, with some hard to imagine smile, believe me it’s real; today, thanks to MS. Tomlin “I have my “peace of mind back” and I’m positive that she can help you, get yours!

— C. Lehman (Maryland)

I would be amiss if I didn’t send you a few lines to properly thank you and to let you know how much you are appreciated. The way you handled our case with such professionalism and care was comparable to none. From the very beginning you put your heart and soul into our very complex matter. I felt that a family member was handling my case because of your level of commitment. I have dealt with a number of lawyers (because of my ugly divorce battle) and Valeria you are by far the best of them all. I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t tell you that in the beginning I felt that the cost was too expensive, but as I later reflected on how you handled the case and all things considered you deserved every penny. Thank you for even working with me as far as the payment plan. I will always have your contact information and will refer you to anyone in need of quality legal assistance. Again thank you very much for your dedication as well your expertise and commitment to doing what’s right for families. Take care Happy Holidays to you and yours.

— P. Wills

Attorney Tomlin’s ability to analyze the problems and provide her client with great solutions, make her an invaluable resource to have when facing legal issues. I highly recommend her expertise to any in need of an excellent lawyer.

— Sean Brantley (Bowie, Maryland)

The legal services provided by Valeria Tomlin by all means far exceeded my expectations. Mrs. Tomlin always demonstrated due diligence, thoroughness, and complete competence at all times. She availed herself to me during my most vulnerable hours, yet never wavering on the integrity of my case. Mrs. Tomlin is a critically skilled orator as evidenced in her courtroom presence. Representation by Valeria Tomlin is something that should definitely be added to your list of “must haves” if ever the opportunity presents itself.”

— D. Mingo, I mean every word!!!!

Tomlin Law Office is extremely discreet, professional, honest and knowledgeable about the law. I received a recommendation from a friend indicating Mrs. Valeria Tomlin was the best in the state of Maryland and great at family law. I called the office and was very impressed with the mannerism, the information and willingness to help. Although, I was seeking a lawyer for my brother they gave me first class service. I have not had the opportunity to personally meet Mrs. Tomlin, however when my brother and mother met with her on the first consultation they were more then impressed. My mother called me and said, and I quote, “Honey, I don’t know where you found that lawyer, but she is no joke and don’t play. She is all about business. Thank God for sending Mrs. Tomlin.” Mrs. Tomlin and her staff are wonderful to work with and are always there when needed.

— Tracy Chase (Woodbridge, VA)

Mrs. Tomlin and her firm have helped with my divorce, custody battle and criminal charges. I am not sure if I would have made it with out their help, advice, motivation and working with me as I became a single parent with 3 boys. They were honest in the entire process and only ask I be honest and up front during our case. I appreciate that Mrs. Tomlin worked out payments and was considerate and understanding to my financial situation. Tomlin Law is a great firm and I highly recommend them.

— Laurence Madison (Temple Hills, MD)


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