District Court

Maryland DUI Legal Process Outline

The legal penalties for a DWI or DUI charge are not resolved in one proceeding. Rather, the penalties are encountered at several stages of the legal process. In addition, the consequences depend greatly on the individual case. The stages and corresponding legal penalties are summarized below.

The Arrest

Once an officer decides to charge an individual with DWI or DUI the first set of consequences are immediate arrest and confiscation of the individual’s driver’s license. A temporary license is issued.

The MVA Hearing

After the officer confiscates your license, he should immediately issue you a temporary license good for 45 days from the date of arrest. Part of that form allows you to request a special “MVA Hearing”, and you should mail it in within 10 days of the arrest. By doing so, you can continue driving with the temporary license, even beyond the 45 days, until the Office of Administrative Hearings conducts your MVA hearing.


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